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The mission of the NHDHA is to improve the public's total health by ensuring the access to quality oral health care by advancing the art and science of Dental Hygiene; increasing awareness of the cost effective benefits of prevention, promoting the highest standards of Dental Hygiene education, licensure, practice and research, and representing and promoting interests of Dental Hygienists.

The American Dental Hygienists' Association (ADHA) was formed in 1923 to develop communication and mutual cooperation among dental hygienists. NHDHA was established in 1945 and has evolved over the years to become the largest professional organization representing over 1500 dental hygienists in the state of NH. We are a division of the American Dental Hygienists' Association (ADHA) with 150,000 dental hygienists nationally and our members enjoy professional support, educational programs, and numerous opportunities for participation in association decision making. Locally, NHDHA monitors all oral health legislation and regulatory issues while working in collaboration with NHTI, the Board of Dental Examiners, the NH Oral Health Coalition, the NH Dental Society, Delta Dental and all stakeholders with a vested interest in oral health. NHDHA is working to capitalize on the evolving health care arena to ensure that dental hygienists assume their appropriate role in the U.S. health care delivery system. Dental hygienists are the professionals best suited to guarantee prevention because they are regulated, licensed and educated to provide safe, effective quality oral health care to all Americans.

Board of Trustees

Jaime Murphy, RDH

Jaime earned her Associate Degree in Dental Hygiene from NHTI-Concord in 2004, after first completing the Early Childhood Education program in 2001. With her love of children, compassionate and energetic personality and her desire to help others - matched with a strong organization skill set - Jaime works well in many settings including private practice, public health, pediatric and specialty offices. Jaime currently works part time at a private practice in Manchester and per diem throughout the state in private practices as well as in public health settings.

Jaime currently serves as the President of NHDHA as well as the Membership Chairperson. Jaime tirelessly works with hygienists in our state and nationally to secure and retain members to keep our hygienist community strong and forward driven. She is committed to NHDHA's goal of improving access to dental hygiene care in collaboration with our grassroots and other stakeholders, ensuring preventive care for individuals who are otherwise unable to access dental care. She is passionate in her efforts to ensure the growth and preservation of the dental hygiene profession that she feels is invaluable to the community and one of which she is proud to be a part.

Mary Duquette, RDH, BS
Immediate Past President

Mary received her Dental Hygiene degree from Hudson Valley and earned her BS from Granite State College. Since then Mary has been dedicated to her obligations in improving her education and clinical skills in the field of Dental Hygiene. In 2012, she served on the Colgate Oral Health Advisory Board. In addition, Mary holds certificates for the administration of local anesthetics, diode lasers and chemotherapeutic agents used in the treatment of advanced periodontal disease.

Mary's deepest passion in dentistry is being an advocate for her patients and improving the access to dental care for the underserved and underinsured residents of New Hampshire. Mary resides in Hopkinton, New Hampshire, with her husband Randy and their triplets Emmett, Zoe and Wyatt. She enjoys spending time with her family, professional networking, camping and running. Mary is the NHDHA Immediate Past President.

Jennifer Pearl, RDH, BSBA
Treasurer and Secretary

Jennifer is a 2005 graduate of NHTI with an Associate's Degree in Dental Hygiene. Jennifer also holds a BSBA-Accounting degree from UMass-Lowell and worked for 8 years in the eldercare field in Massachusetts. In addition, she holds certificates in Local Anesthesia and Dental Laser Therapy. Jennifer works full time in private practice in Concord, NH. Over her 8 years as a Financial Accountant and her years as a Dental Hygienist, Jennifer has developed a passion in working with the elderly patient population to overcome challenges they face in maintaining optimum oral health. Jennifer currently is serving NHDHA as Treasurer and Secretary.

Jennifer lives in Concord, NH with her husband and two children. She enjoys spending time with her family and friends and vacationing in South Carolina every summer.

Jodi Carnes, RDH
Jodi is a 1995 graduate of NHTI with an Associate Degree in Dental Hygiene. Jodi has been practicing Dental Hygiene for over 19 years, and for the last 10 years has been practicing at Goodwin Community Health, an FQHC in Strafford County. She served as a Certified Dentrix Trainer from 2000-2003. Jodi also enjoys spending time with her husband and 4-year old twins, and coaching girls' softball. Jodi serves on the NH Board of Dental Examiners - Dental Hygiene Committee.

Bethany Cho, RDH, BA
Bethany earned her Associate's Degree in Dental Hygiene from New Hampshire Technical Institute in 2006, after earning her Bachelor's Degree in Psychology from Saint Anselm College in 2004. Bethany is a self-described "dental geek" and has wanted to be a part of the dental profession since she was twelve. Bethany has worked in private practice for nearly ten years. She is certified in Local Anesthesia and currently is completing the coursework to become a Certified Public Health Dental Hygienist. Bethany loves educating patients on the link between oral-systemic health and improving homecare. Beyond the dental chair, Bethany loves to run and has two marathons and more than twenty half marathons under her belt so far.

Pam Delahanty, RDH
Pam is employed with Monadnock Community Hospital as the Program Coordinator of Monadnock Healthy Teeth to Toes, a school-based dental/obesity prevention program. A graduate of Westbrook College, Pam has over 32 years of clinical experience. She is a past Community Representative on the Southwestern Community Services Head Start Policy Council and is a member of the Southwestern Community Services Health Advisory Council. Pam is a past recipient of the Sunstar/RDH Award of Distinction. A past speaker at Yankee Dental Congress and the Texas Dental Conference, she is passionate about education and public health and is seen within her community as an ambassador and advocate for the underserved.

Anne Despres, RDH, BA
Anne holds a BA in Theatre Arts and an Associate Degree in Dental Hygiene. She has diverse interests and life experiences. Anne is an adaptable, willing helper and is comfortable with public speaking. When leading, Anne believes in leading from a place of mutual respect. Anne works full time at a general dentistry office.

For the past year, Kathryn has served as the NHDHA representative on the Steering Committee of the NH Oral Health Coalition. Kathryn practices in Keene, New Hampshire, for a general dentist and is the proud mother of a 21-year old son. She is interested in history and historic preservation and was a member of the Keene Heritage Commission for 8 years.

Angela Little, RDH
Angela received her Dental Hygiene degree in 2005 from New Hampshire Technical Institute and is currently working in private practice. In 2013, she served on the Colgate Oral Health Advisory Board. In addition, she enjoys volunteering at local clinics held for the underserved residents of New Hampshire, and she has earned state certifications in Local Anesthesia and Dental Laser Therapy. Angela is very passionate about her career as a Dental Hygienist. Educating patients on how to improve their oral and overall health is of utmost importance to her. As the technology is constantly changing, she strives to remain on the cutting edge so that she can provide the best care to patients. She feels joining the board of NHDHA has been a wonderful opportunity to learn from so many talented and inspiring leaders in the profession of Dental Hygiene. Angela currently serves NHDHA as a Trustee. She is excited to be part of a team who are leaders in our ever-expanding profession.

Angela resides in Epsom, New Hampshire, with her husband Seth and their two young children, Addie and Camden. She enjoys spending time with family and friends, time on the lake and camping.

Charlene Ouellette, RDH
Charlene graduated from Westbrook College in Portland, Maine, and is pursuing the completion of a Bachelor of Science degree. She has had the pleasure of working with a prosthodontic practice for over 20 years. This has allowed for continued growth in the reconstruction and preventive side of dentistry. Charlene has been licensed with the administration of local anesthetics since 2003. Teaching a Dental Implant course at NHTI for over 10 years was just one of the ways she gave back to her profession. Another area of service has been on the NHDHA board, serving as President, Trustee, and NHDHA National Delegate. She currently serves as the Continuing Education Committee Chairperson. She believes that being a member of ADHA and NHDHA is the number one way to ensure the future of the Dental Hygiene profession.

Anne Sleeper, RDH, CPHDH
Anne has been a dental hygienist for the past 33 years. For the past 9 years, she has been employed at Wentworth Health Partners Dental Center. With a deep belief that prevention is key, Anne has developed educational programs for school children, K-4, and enjoys educating the public at seminars and events. Anne is a member of the NH Granite State Diabetes Educators and has presented on the oral-systemic link. She believes it is important to collaborate with other health disciplines for best practices and outcomes for patients. A graduate of Westbrook College, Anne currently is pursuing a BS degree at Granite State College. She is certified to administer local anesthetic and was one of the first dental hygienists in NH to become a Certified Public Health Dental Hygienist.

Proud Supporter of 2017 CE
Proud Supporter of 2017 CE
Proud Supporter of 2017 CE