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The mission of the NHDHA is to improve the public's total health by ensuring the access to quality oral health care by advancing the art and science of Dental Hygiene; increasing awareness of the cost effective benefits of prevention, promoting the highest standards of Dental Hygiene education, licensure, practice and research, and representing and promoting interests of Dental Hygienists.

Adult Medicaid Dental Bill - Your testimony is needed - email, phone, many options!

The NH Senate Finance Committee will be taking Testimony today on the Budget Bills – HB1 Funding and HB2 Policy.  We are anticipating that funding for the Adult Medicaid Dental Bill will be a potential area for funding.  You can help support that funding by communicating with your Senator and with the Senate Finance Committee by email.  If you wish, you can submit testimony remotely to the committee.  See Below.

What:  Contact your local Senator or the Senate Finance Committee. 




Phone: 603-271-4980 via Deb Martone.   

Testify Remotely: You can also testify in writing or orally.  You should note in your testimony that your request is that funding be ADDED to the budget of HB1.  Link to schedule testimony:  General Court of NH - Senate (state.nh.us)

Messaging Options:

  1. Thank your Senator for their support of an Adult Medicaid Dental Benefit in NH.  The related Senate Bill, SB150 was passed unanimously, meaning YOUR Senator voted Yes to support a Medicaid Adult Dental Benefit.  Ask them to support funding the benefit this session by ADDING it to the budget. 
  2. Tell the Committee that this is the opportunity for us to fund that benefit allowing for integrated cost-effective medical/dental care that supports cost-effective treatment in the right setting at the right time, readiness for employment and education, and the opportunity for successful substance abuse treatment and extended recovery.  Tell the Committee that you are requesting that funding be ADDED to the budget this session. 
  3. Dental disease is associated with over 100 medical diseases and conditions that can result in increased chronic care costs, avoidable hospitalizations, and emergency room visits that provide antibiotics and pain relief but no dental repair. 
  4. Tell your own story as a provider, program manager, family member, patient, etc.  What does an Medicaid Adult Dental Benefit mean to you and what you do.

Every email counts!  You do not have to tell the whole story – express your support and ASK that funding be ADDED this session to the NH Budget. 

Questions?  [email protected] or [email protected]

Thank you!

A message from the NH BODE: DH Continuing Education "Hands-on" Requirement
March, 2021

Den 403.03 (a) states that all dental hygienists with a current NH license must complete a minimum 20 CEUs per biennium, 15 hours of which shall be earned in clinical setting, including the completion of a BLS-HCP course, as specified in Den 403.07 (b).  Den 403.07 (c) states that all BLS-HCP courses shall include a hands-on component.  On January 29, 2021, Governor Sununu signed Exhibit Y to Emergency Order #29 into action (linked below).  This Exhibit states that licensees of any board under RSA 310-A:1, which includes the Board of Dental Examiners, shall be allowed to complete continuing education requirements remotely until 30 days after the end of the current State of Emergency.  Although there are live classes with a hands-on component being offered, Exhibit Y allows for these requirements to be completed remotely.

Please feel free to contact the Board of Dental Examiners directly if you have any further questions. 

Thank you, NHDHA Board of Trustees 

NH COVID-19 Vaccine - Preregister NOW

Dear colleagues:

We just received information regarding pre-registration for COVID-19 vaccination. Please visit this page on the Homeland Security Emergency Management/New Hampshire Dept. of Safety site. Once there, you can pre-register by filling out a form. Please do so STAT. The page holds links to additional information, as well as a phone number to use that will reach the COVID-19 Coordinating Office in New Hampshire.

Thank you,

NHDHA Board of Trustees

Additional Information & Updates:


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